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A new era?

by Owen Temple on 9 September, 2014

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Project Genesis. For many years it was slow to supply people with detail about what it was doing, kept its intentions under wraps, and preferred just to tell us that it was good for us. We were asked to take it all on trust. Recently, however, there […]

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On the money

by Owen Temple on 28 March, 2012

The Project Genesis Trust has put £30,000 into a fund to make grants to local groups. They’ve done that by allocating the money to the County Durham Foundation, who in turn will use it to fund local projects alongside the funds they administer from many other charitable trusts. Apparently this initial grant is on a […]

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Answer from Council

by Owen Temple on 1 July, 2009

In response to my question about what steps the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council had taken to acquaint themselves with the Project Genesis Trust, of which they are ex officio members, I got the following response: (my summary – not verbatim) The council has written to the solicitors acting for the trust to […]

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The Genesis site

by Owen Temple on 24 June, 2009

Recent events are giving me concern. The failure of the cabinet to consider the “Business as Usual” proposal for Consett Sports Centre, planned and financed for the Berry Edge site, concerns me. The elimination of the Berry Edge site from the possible Academy sites concerns me. It’s not that I’m sure that that is the […]

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Persistence pays!

by Owen Temple on 17 January, 2009

I first asked for Derwentside’s Audit Committee to have a report on “Project Genesis past, present and future” in March 2008. At last, on January 28th 2009, an Audit Comittee Meeting has been arranged with the Chief Executive Officer with regard to Project Genesis. I know nothing more at present, and this may not seem […]

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Project Genesis – starting at the top

by Owen Temple on 28 September, 2008

Readers of this blog will know that I have taken a real interest in Project Genesis, an interest which has not been universally welcomed! That’s why I was very pleased that Morris Muter, Chief Executive of Project Genesis Ltd, requested a meeting with me to discuss some of the issues I have raised, and some […]

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Sniffer Owen

by Owen Temple on 23 June, 2008

I first knew I was a nerd when I was the only one of the 27 Lib Dem Councillors on Durham County Council to ask to go on the audit committee. I’ll certainly know it on Thursday when I spend the morning on the Audit Committee at the County Council, and the afternoon at the […]

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Genesis Maps

by Owen Temple on 13 June, 2008

I’m expecting a surge in readership in the next twenty-four hours as people log in to see what Project Genesis was designed to do to our townscape! I’m not sure about the precise dates of these two maps, but the print and low tech black and white design of this one B&W Genesis Map (click to open) […]

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Project Genesis – the official story

by Owen Temple on 11 June, 2008

Readers of this blog are likely to be aware that I have had an interest in Project Genesis for some time, and have attempted to get the Audit Committee of Derwentside District Council to evaluate the project to date as well as looking at its future as we move into a unitary authority. I haven’t […]

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Genesis – in the beginning or the end?

by Owen Temple on 29 March, 2008

Recent Focus Readers will have seen my article asking where the benefits are to be found from Project Genesis. The article was taken up and developed in The Journal on Thursday. You can see the link here: http://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2008/03/27/call-for-probe-into-charity-61634-20678991/ I’ve been doing quite a lot of digging into this project, and accept that much has been […]

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