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The other Glasgow Conference

by Owen Temple on 15 September, 2013

One of the pleasures of attending the annual Lib Dem conference is watching TV and comparing what you’ve experienced with the nightly reports. It’s not always clear that you’ve been at the same conference as the reporters and that’s as true this year as any other. True I have heard two people with a real […]

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A bad day at the office

by Owen Temple on 7 May, 2011

There’s no point in beating about the bush. Today has been one of unrelenting bad news for Liberal Democrats. In this region we’ve not only lost control of Newcastle, but also lost some excellent councillors whose only mistake was to be on the wrong end of a political current which as individuals they were powerless […]

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I meet quite a lot of people who ask, “what’s wrong with the first past the post system? It’s worked for a hundred years.” The short film on this link offers a number of ideas I hadn’t discovered. If you enjoy it, look in again tomorrow for the sequel explaining the Alternative vote.

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Westminster love-in

by Owen Temple on 13 December, 2010

Pat Glass about Michael Gove: Evening Chronicle November 10th 2010 I have met with Michael Gove on a number of occasions since he became Secretary of State for Education in May of this year and have found him to be a charming man with a genuine desire to improve educational outcomes for all children. Michael […]

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A great night

by Owen Temple on 14 November, 2010

Local Liberal Democrats gathered in force for their annual dinner, and were delighted to enjoy an evening with the new Lib Dem MP for Redcar Ian Swales. After we had all shared an excellent meal Ian talked for around 20 minutes about how the party in Redcar had set about dismantling a large Labour majority. […]

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Shout it from the rooftops

by Owen Temple on 26 October, 2010

I was sent an internal memo from the Labour Party recently, from our MP’s local office to a local Labour councillor. I suspect it was not intended to to make it into this blog! The email was dated in August about the issue of the post-box in Blackhill. It’s a case I had been involved with much earlier in […]

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New Generation?

by Owen Temple on 29 September, 2010

I listened to Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday with a mixture of disbelief and annoyance. He made it sound as though the party he leads had been out of power for years rather than weeks; as though the “new generation” at its head were different from the people who lost the election weeks ago. You would never have guessed […]

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Reflecting on Conference

by Owen Temple on 22 September, 2010

Conference was different this year from the moment I arrived. For starters, we couldn’t take the road to the hotel because it was blocked off by a police car, and there were masses of police and cars by the multi-storey car park. “That’s being in government,” I said to my wife. It took a little […]

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Yellow Tories

by Owen Temple on 19 September, 2010

This was the megaphone diplomacy (literally) employed by the Labour Party outside the Lib Dem Conference yesterday. I was greeted by their amplified cries as I left the conference centre and on my way back I decided to try to engage in debate with the group. When I stopped to talk it was quickly clear that […]

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