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Puzzled at Planning

by Owen Temple on 29 March, 2018

At a Planning Committee Meeting today I discovered that one government body had disposed of a piece of government property to another government body, for a value “not available” on the Land Registry website, with the simple intention of getting that land planning permission in order to sell or transfer it on to another developer. […]

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The law is an ass

by Owen Temple on 18 December, 2014

Mr Bumble says so and so do I. Today at the planning committee we found ourselves in a position where we either agreed to grant a Certificate of Lawful Development, or risk making the council subject to an expensive legal case which it would almost certainly lose. And the subject? Back in 1973 Stanley Urban […]

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Keep up the pressure

by Owen Temple on 11 November, 2013

That’s the message from tonight’s Durham Plan session at St Pat’s Church Hall. There were three improvements in the version of the Durham Plan as presented from my point of view. 5 hectares of employment land is back in the plan on the Hownsgill site after previously being de-allocated No houses are now planned to […]

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Get ready for very slow moving traffic

by Owen Temple on 24 July, 2013

There will be plenty of it between Durham and Consett next summer. I went to the County Planning Meeting today to speak up as a local member. I approve of the proposal for an anaerobic digester to be built beside the Thomas Swan plant as a way for an important and successful local business to […]

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Planning Appeals allowed

by Owen Temple on 22 February, 2013

I’ve always thought that planning applications are a bit of a one way street. If your planning application is turned down you have a fairly straightforward right of appeal – though it will often go against you. Also, if one application fails, within limits, you can revamp it and go again. If, on the other […]

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Planning applications

by Owen Temple on 27 September, 2010

There are currently several local planning applications of a commercial nature in for consideration. One is to convert a terraced house in Derwent Street into a podiatry/chiropody clinic. Another is to extend the time limit for a planning application for the site at the traffic lights at the intersection of Medomsley Road and Hartington Street, and a third is […]

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That sign

by Owen Temple on 31 May, 2010

  The county council’s retrospective application for planning permission for the two signs at Belle Vue has now been lodged on the system with the reference number 1/2010/0257 and can be viewed at Consett Civic Centre. It can also be viewed online by visiting www.durham.gov.uk then selecting Environment and planning, then online planning access, then […]

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Tesco application Planning Meeting “pulled”

by Owen Temple on 29 March, 2010

Tomorrow’s Durham County Council Planning Meeting, where the only application to be considered was the application to build a new Tesco store in Consett, has been cancelled at the last minute, apparently for legal reasons. This decision coincides with councillors on that committee receiving copies of a letter from planning consultants acting for the only recorded objectors […]

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A foregone conclusion

by Owen Temple on 9 March, 2010

The result at today’s county Planning Committee was entirely predictable. There is documentary evidence that the Labour Group at County Hall voted unanimously in favour of using Belle Vue for the Academy site even before the Cabinet made its decision last July. Today the Labour county councillors on the county Planning Committee voted to give outline planning permission […]

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Watch democracy in action

by Owen Temple on 8 March, 2010

It’s important that people watch decision making processes – witnesses are always valuable – so I hope that plenty of people from Consett will take the chance to watch the Planning Committee of Durham County Council deliberate on the Academy and Sports Centre “outline planning application” to build the Academy on Belle Vue. It’s fortunate that I’m not a […]

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