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The seat I wanted but will never have

by Owen Temple on 15 March, 2016

No, it’s not North West Durham! That remains up for grabs. It’s the one I rescued from a Blackfyne skip, and as previously reported have returned to County Hall. Oh to be a fly on the wall, or even a bum on the seat, and find out whether it ever gets put to use, but here’s […]

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Only 204 days to go

by Owen Temple on 21 February, 2015

Politicos know I can’t be talking about the General Election which is just 75 days away. So do I really have another life? This morning I went for my first run of the year, a year in which I have promised myself that I will do the Great North Run again. I have plans in […]

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Christmas comes early

by Owen Temple on 24 November, 2013

With 32 days to go till Christmas, the Dust Town Dogs switched on Consett’s Christmas Tree lights yesterday. I know that because there’s a window on Medomsley Road with the countdown on a slate, and I’m grateful for the reminder of how the days are flying by and barely a present bought. Meanwhile, I understand, […]

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Ten bob a year

by Owen Temple on 13 March, 2012

Or 50p to younger readers. That’s what Medomsley Parish Council agreed to pay the Consett Industrial and Provident Society each year to lease the allotments in Bramwell Terrace to the rear of Villa Real Road. The agreement was made in 1920, getting on for a hundred years ago, and was only designed to run for […]

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Happy New Year

by Owen Temple on 11 January, 2011

OK, I know it’s a bit late but between Christmas and then escaping for a week at the start of the year I’m only just getting back into the swim. As we start 2011 many of the same issue overhang us as in Consett have done for the last eighteen months, with only the precise amount […]

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Pre-Christmas Quiz – The answers

by Owen Temple on 1 December, 2010

Two readers correctly identified the coat of arms as that of Consett Urban District Council. One also correctly identified the figure as that of St Ebba. For those of you interested in what you never thought you wanted to know, here it is. Consett Urban District Council Armorial Bearings Granted by Letters Patent dated 17th […]

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Pre-Christmas Competition – last call

by Owen Temple on 30 November, 2010

Anyone who would like to win a copy of my more famous namesake’s “Passing Through” album (see The Other Owen Temple link on the left hand side) should email me by the end of November to let me know whose coat of arms this is. As a tie-break please also name the figure standing in […]

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Four dubious pleasures all in one day

by Owen Temple on 25 November, 2010

It’s not often the council treats its councillors to a diet of sex, alcohol, gambling and (whisper this one – a sandwich lunch) in the space of just six hours, but that’s what happened today. When I was handed the bundle of 282 Powerpoint slides at the start of the licensing committee’s training session I feared […]

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Lies, damned lies and statistics

by Owen Temple on 5 November, 2010

At the County Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday we were given a run through the County Durham Residents’ survey. I got Mrs T to look at the methodology because she’s a statistician, and she was pretty complimentary about everything except the report’s tendency to make comparisons between this survey and earlier ones. The reason why […]

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If the cap fits ……

by Owen Temple on 14 October, 2010

Andrew Marr, former political correspondent for the BBC, has made some pretty hard-hitting comments about bloggers. I couldn’t resist quoting them here: Most citizen journalism strikes me as nothing to do with journalism at all. A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their […]

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