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Subterranean Blues

by Owen Temple on 9 May, 2013

Underground issues are causing the big puddles at the end of Ashdale Road when it rains heavily. That’s the verdict of the drainage team who have been investigating the issue at my request. When they were jetting the drain they apparently came across a blockage/possible collapse. They have raised an order to carry out a […]

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Consett off the map

by Owen Temple on 4 April, 2012

None of the 33 level 1 & 2 partners in Durham’s new Visitor Information Network are in Consett. The network has been set up by private businesses and the county council to provide a mainly technological replacement for the Tourist Information Centres that the county formerly had, with computer and touch screen terminals backing up […]

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Of Mice and Men

by Owen Temple on 28 December, 2011

Over Christmas a couple of my family have had problems with mice. The good news is that for those who have mice or rats in their property, Durham County Council will tackle their problem at no charge. Funnily enough they’ll do the same for cockroaches and bedbugs, but this time whether in the property or […]

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The County Council’s Adults Wellbeing and Health Service is carrying ot a review of Community Alarms and Telecare services. The aim is to do a survey of how people feel about the existing services, but also to find out what kind of services people would like to see in place for the next 3 to 5 years. That means […]

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Consett North Week in Action – starts February 28th

by Owen Temple on 10 February, 2011

Derwent Valley Partnership back in the swing

by Owen Temple on 13 January, 2011

The AAP is back into the full cycle of meetings – I’ve had one for the Car Parking sub-group and one for the Environment working group this week – and the bi-annual forum event which was postponed due to snow will take place shortly. The Forum, which is open to all, is next Thursday January 20th […]

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Garden Waste collections re-start in the spring

by Owen Temple on 23 November, 2010

Durham County Council reminds you that the garden waste collection services are ending this month, to be resumed again in the spring. The council’s garden waste recycling scheme is very popular across the county amongst those people to whom it is available. Regular collections are made from around 156,000 properties between spring and autumn. People […]

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Too good to throw away?

by Owen Temple on 5 September, 2010

I recently received a usful reminder from the County Council that here in Consett we have the YMCA who are able to collect items that may be of use to other households such as furniture/beds, carpets, computers, electric cookers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, mobile phones, TV/audio, small electrical items, bicycles, garden equipment, tools, textiles […]

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Schools Out for Summer – Win a Wii

by Owen Temple on 23 July, 2010

I don’t know how many readers remember  Alice Cooper’s song of this title (or Mary Whitehouse’s successful campaign to have the video banned by the BBC), but you won’t have missed the fact that by tonight all of our local schools will have started their six-week summer holiday. Throughout the period the county council puts […]

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CCDYP Looking for enthusiasts

by Owen Temple on 18 May, 2010

I’ve been an admirer of “detached youth workers” for a long time – it takes a very special skill to “get alongside” youngsters who are hanging out, and strike up a relationship with them. And moving from that to a position where you can help them discover interests, and possibly help them do things they […]

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