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Skateboard park design consultation

by Owen Temple on 8 June, 2015

If you know any young people with an interest in skateboarding/scootering , please let them know about a consultation meeting about the design of the new skateboard park which is being rebuilt as part of the Academy and Leisure Centre scheme. The people who understand what they need are the young people themselves who use […]

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Friday January 31st will see St Patrick’s Hall, Consett, hosting a day-long event/seminar for third sector charity and community organisations. The events will provide organisations with an opportunity to look at business planning, funding strategies, managing community buildings, quality assurance, harnessing social media and much more.  There will also be an opportunity to hear from […]

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Consett North Partnership at a crossroads

by Owen Temple on 2 October, 2013

Or a dead end. It’s your choice. At the Consett North Partnership tonight it was clear that we have a critical choice to make. When both the chair and treasurer stood down, there were no takers for the positions as a result of which next month’s meeting on November 6th will be a special general […]

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A Tweet in itself

by Owen Temple on 6 June, 2013

Benfieldside, Blackhill, Bridgehill and Shotley Bridge Community Partnership. The partnership’s meeting tonight reminded me just how good this partnership is. It’s largely responsible for persuading Northumbrian Water to act on the flooding that has occurred in the Benfieldside area. I know that because I was at the first meeting that Northumbria Water attended where they […]

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by Owen Temple on 16 November, 2012

Following my query the council will publish amended figures today for the rise in worklessness in the Derwent Valley Partnership area. Sadly, although the correction reduces the figure for the increase in the number of people who are workless, it doesn’t change the harsh fact that the number of people not working in our area has […]

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Unemployment figures

by Owen Temple on 15 November, 2012

The latest figures on unemployment and worklessness in County Durham have been released by the council, and will be available on the county website from tomorrow. They are broken down into two groups. The first group, the proportion of the total working age population who are claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance, is defined as “Claimant Count”. […]

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Cabinet News for Consett North

by Owen Temple on 18 April, 2012

Predictably the Cabinet rubber-stamped the closure of Broomsdene tip today. In response to the reader who asked what scrutiny there would be of the £1 million plus price tag attributed to the work said to be required for Broomsdene I can confirm that the answer is none. I had already written to ask for any […]

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101 things to do with the Olympic Torch

by Owen Temple on 8 April, 2012

If you’ve got just one idea please let us have it. At the Blackhill, Bridgehill, Benfieldside & Shotley Bridge Partnership on Thursday night a number of ideas were generated as to how we can make the most of the Olympic Torch running up Durham Road to Villa Real on June 16th. It may well be […]

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Councillors should get out more

by Owen Temple on 19 November, 2010

You’ve probably had your copy of the Advertiser by now which includes Councillor Young’s statement made at a recent Cabinet Meeting: The vast majority of people are interested in a new school and new sports development, and quite frankly they don’t care where it goes as long as we get it. You can’t help wondering when […]

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A cheerful story about money

by Owen Temple on 20 October, 2010

On the day in which many announcements of cuts are being made and analysed, here’s some very impressive news of the strong financial backing local people have given to the Consett Green Spaces Group’s battle to protect the Belle Vue Fields. In a recent house to house collection over £1,800 was raised for their fighting […]

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