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I will hold the council to account

by Owen Temple on 25 November, 2017

Last week’s Highway Committee decided that you will all be safer with the new speed limits I described in the last post. I attended the committee to express my concerns, and those of people who I had spoken to, but my arguments fell on deaf ears. Instead they preferred the arguments of council officers who […]

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A chink in the curtains – or what the butler saw!

by Owen Temple on 19 October, 2016

As a result of the argument I made, Press (1 member) and Public (none) were allowed into cabinet today for one of the previously “secret” items I wrote about on Sunday – the refinancing of County Durham’s debt in respect of 3 PFI schools. And what a peep it was! To re-finance the £43 million still […]

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The Black Hole that is County Durham

by Owen Temple on 4 October, 2016

Durham’s “energy reduction project” produced the blackness that now consumes the many people who walk and cycle between The Grove and Consett Town Centre. I was incensed that my representations on that were unacknowledged and almost certainly unconsidered before the heads had been taken out of the streetlights. In September I received more proposals to take […]

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Lock-down at County Hall

by Owen Temple on 28 September, 2016

Last Wednesday at County Hall a journalist asked me if I would like to comment on a decision, as she put it, to privatise a part of the local council’s social care provision. I couldn’t. I didn’t know whether it was true, or what had happened behind closed doors at a meeting of the county […]

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Today’s Council Meeting

by Owen Temple on 20 January, 2016

When you go to a council meeting you usually have a pretty good idea of what will happen, and certainly don’t expect any motion you or any other opposition member has put to be passed, but you can never be quite sure what tactics will be used in the process. As you know, last month the […]

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Dirty Tricks – Another Dark Day in Labour run Durham

by Owen Temple on 9 December, 2015

Today’s council meeting was everything you would hope never to see in a democracy. Everyone knew that there were three motions for debate, the first one a general one in support of Trade Unions, the other two issues of deep personal concern to many people in this county – the savage pay cuts proposed for […]

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Next Wednesday’s Council Meeting

by Owen Temple on 2 December, 2015

The waters have muddied. When I sent in my motion to council calling for the withdrawal of the proposals which would cut teaching assistants pay, I had hoped that councillors would have a clear and straightforward debate on the rights and wrongs of the case. I expected that sending the motion in a full two weeks in advance of […]

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95% unemployment courtesy of County Hall

by Owen Temple on 18 June, 2015

In this county which claims to be “open for business” there’s one area where the council slams the door on people wanting to earn a living. That’s people who want to become taxi drivers. In the first four months after they introduced their new “tougher” Knowledge and Locality tests, Durham County Council reduced the number of […]

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Not giving up

by Owen Temple on 23 May, 2015

Councillors Dereks Hicks, Alex Watson and I met together with John Hinds of the Grove Residents Association and a lighting expert, Steve Fullerton, to consider alternative solutions now that the council has removed the lampposts on the A692 between Consett and the Grove. We’re bitterly disappointed that the council has rejected our reasoned arguments, arguments […]

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No way to run a council

by Owen Temple on 21 May, 2015

At yesterday’s full council meeting Labour councillors voted, whenever the law allows it, to give work to its internal Direct Services Works Department and other internal departments which offer services for sale, even if it the work could be better done by a local business at a lower price. This is newly written into the […]

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