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Get some help to stay warm

by Owen Temple on 19 January, 2011

The Durham County Council “Warm Homes” campaign is committed to providing help, advice and support to enable County Durham Residents to stay warm despite rising fuel prices and difficult financial circumstances. For some people this means insulation and improved heating equipment at no cost – but that is of course means tested and will not […]

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New housing development

by Owen Temple on 24 September, 2010

Not everyone welcomes new housing developments locally, but I hope that everyone will welcome this one now that it is coming to fruition.  Durham Aged Miners Housing Association (DAHMA) are planning to build 24 two bedroomed bungalows for elderly people on the Steel Street site, part of which was formerly allotments and the rest rough ground. Today’s […]

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Landlords Initiatives Team

by Owen Temple on 23 July, 2010

I learned today of a new county council service in the area, the Landlords Initiatives Team. As I understand it the team is primarily in place to provide an advisory service to private landlords, with the intention of enabling them to provide better management of their properties and relationships with tenants. At the same time […]

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Bad news on repossessions

by Owen Temple on 12 November, 2009

The tone of the news on radio and TV when reporting repossession rates rising has tended to suggest that things are not quite a bad as people feared. Unfortunately that’s not the case in County Durham. The government has named 34 repossession “hot-spots” across England, and of those 5 are former “district council” areas in […]

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Mortgage Rescue

by Owen Temple on 24 August, 2009

In this recession, many people have real mortgage problems as a result of losing their job, suffering a pay cut, or short term working. Not everyone knows that the County Council can help in these circumstances, help which can range from small loans or one off payments to help prevent eviction, to negotiating with lenders […]

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A shameful statistic

by Owen Temple on 22 July, 2009

I wanted to ask a question at cabinet today but fell foul of the rules whereby they decide which questions councillors are allowed to ask. I had seen some figures from our area which I found really disturbing. Last year Derwentside saw more houses built than any other district, 427 in all. The bad news […]

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Common Lettings Policy

by Owen Temple on 26 November, 2008

As part of the reorganisation of local government, Co Durham is going to get a “common lettings policy”. Essentially this means that across the whole county, housing applicants will be able to “bid” for any individual participating social housing property which is vacant, with their applications then being dealt with according to their priority ranking, […]

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