Police seek licence reviews of Consett pub and club

Reviews of Chaplains and the Coach and Horses licences in Consett are being sought by the police following the seizure of counterfeit alcohol in November. The details of the review – and where you can send comments to – are below. You can write to the Licensing Department at County hall or call 03000 265107 (General Licensing Number)


Application Type – Application for the Review of a Premises Licence (to address concerns relating to the Prevention of Crime and Disorder and Public Safety)

Applicant – Mr M Barton, The Chief Constable of Durham, Durham Constabulary

Premises – Coach & Horses, 1-3 Middle Street, Consett. DH8 7SA

Date of Application – 20 January 2015                        Last date for representations – 17 February 2015


Application Type – Application for the Review of a Premises Licence (to address concerns relating to the Prevention of Crime and Disorder and Public Safety)

Applicant – Mr M Barton, The Chief Constable of Durham, Durham Constabulary

Premises – Chaplains, 17-21 Front Street, Consett. DH8 5AB

Date of Application – 20 January 2015                        Last date for representations – 17 February 2015


£30 up for grabs

And you get to keep your car!

As part of the Durham Constabulary Winternights campaign launched in October, Consett police are promoting vehicle security awareness and running a competition for motorists in the area. With the support of Corbridge Road Garage they have a prize worth over £30 which will be awarded to the lucky winner in December.

To enter – all you need to do is call into Consett Police Station (Opening Hours 10am-5pm Monday-Friday) and return an answer sheet (contact them or me if you want a copy of the questions), successfully answering three vehicle related questions.

All answer sheets should be returned to Consett Police Station to be entered into the competition. Entries will not be accepted via any other method.

Please note: no current employees of Durham Constabulary are eligible to enter.

The lucky winners will be drawn in December with the CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS FRIDAY 29TH NOVEMBER.

Consett Town police report – September 2013

Number of calls for area:-186

Number of community related calls:-47

 Alcohol seizures:-   Multiple for Consett Area

A staysafe operation was held  on 20/09/13, the fun fair and the new school term have resulted in large amounts of alcohol being seized from young people.  The public footpath towards Hownsgill Viaduct was the scene of a large under age drink party recently.

Dedicated patrols with Police and Neighbourhood Wardens will continue at peak times to tackle issues around youth drinking and the associated problems in the Town Centre.  If you are aware of any areas where youth nuisance or under-age drinking is taking place please let your local beat officer know as soon as possible.

Good News! No Dwelling Burglaries reported for this period.

But … A Storage container at the new B and Q site was broken into but nothing taken.

A security shed at the rear of British Heart Foundation was broken into and some items stolen.

Rear window of Red Cross Shop forced and items taken from within store room.

Builders Portacabin at St Patricks School broken into via a window, power tools taken.

Four youths enter Victory Yard (Listers) and cause damage to vehicles and take items from a storage building.

These crimes are not yet solved.

Anti- social Behaviour and motorcycle incidents:-

11 Personal and 8 Nuisance ASB incidents reported over this period.

There are no repeat locations for this period or major anti-social behaviour issues.  The Beat Team will continue to patrol any problem areas identified and use a problem solving approach to ensure reports are kept to a minimum.

 Criminal Damage 7

A car window was broken by a child throwing a stone on Cotherstone Cose.

A lady was dealt with for breaking some plant pots on Villa Real Road.

Other offences which are currently undetected –

Window broken at Pauline Cook Dance School on Steel Street.

Shed damaged by fire on Sherburn Terrace.

Window broken at Freemasons Pub by unknown person throwing a bottle.

Window damaged on Henley Gardens.

Car damaged on Villa Real Road.

All Thefts:-15

Vehicle Crime – One car broken into at Clarence Gardens.

Other thefts –

Two shoplifters were dealt with for thefts from Boyes and Aldi.

A young male was arrested for theft of a bicycle from outside Boyes.

An unattended handbag was stolen from Time Bar.

An unattended rucksack was taken from a customer in Wetherspoons.

An Iphone taken from a bag in Decades.

Nail gun stolen from building site at Elliots Way (Barret Estate).

Wheelie Bin stolen from Clinton Cards.

Baxi Boiler taken from yard of address on Park View.

Gas BBQ and gas bottle taken from yard of address on Dacre Gardens.

5x outstanding shoplifts from – Morrisons, Boyes, Peacocks x2 and Home Bargains.

Theft from motor vehicles – Crime prevention Awareness –

This week your Safer Neighbourhoods Unit are promoting vehicle crime awareness.  Figures circulated last week relating to thefts from vehicles over the last 90 days showed  36% could have been prevented by simply locking vehicles and ensuring ALL items of value were removed from sight.

Please contact us on 101 if you see anything suspicious and try and get the vehicle registration number if a vehicle is involved.  Or report anonymously to Crimestoppers 0800 555111 .

Current Community Operations:-

A Farmwatch operation took place in September in the Derwentside area.

The Current PACT priority of Vehicles causing parking obstructions on the pavement along Knitsley Lane has resulted in Warning Notices being given out to vehicles.  The situation has improved but yesterday 4 warnings were handed out.

PCSO Jeff Parker is continuing with a problem solving plan around Blackhill Park and the surrounding area to tackle the issues including damage, ASB and underage drinking.  It is noted that the number of youths being stopped in this area has dropped dramatically but patrols will continue and engagement with the schools, colleges and youth organisations will be stepped up.

Working to improve your town

Neighbourhood Wardens and the Antisocial Behaviour Team report back on the Consett area for August 2013.

This is a shortened version of their report which also includes the work of the Civic Pride Team. If you want a full copy just email us.


 Dog fouling

Dog fouling is one of the major issues dealt with by neighbourhood wardens. We have investigated 8 reports of dog fouling and issued 4 fixed penalty notices for dog fouling. We have also removed 20 stray dogs.


Litter is another important issue. We investigated 2 reports of littering and issued 18 fixed penalty notices for littering.

Fly tipping

57 incidents of fly tipping were reported during August. We carried out 17 investigations into these incidents in order to try and find any evidence to link the fly tipping to those who dumped it.

 Untidy yards and gardens

6 advisory letters have been issued to properties with untidy gardens or yards.

Antisocial behaviour

Wardens dealt with 3 incidents of antisocial behaviour reported directly by members of the public, as well as 23 incidents which were passed via the Police Airwaves system.

Consett Town related Fixed penalty notices

Consett MacDonalds Littering x 2 4/8/13

Consett MacDonalds Littering 6/8/13

Consett MacDonalds Littering 8/8/13

Consett Morrisons Littering 9/8/13

Consett Dixon Street Littering 10/8/13

Consett MacDonalds Littering 13/8/13

Consett Durham Road Littering 23/8/13

Consett MacDonalds Littering 8/8/13

Since April 2013 the following numbers of Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued in the Consett area:

Littering x 38

Dog Fouling x 6

Failure to comply with Litter Clearing Notice x 3

Antisocial behaviour interventions

 There have been 39 ASB cases received and investigated by the ASB Team across the Consett area during August 2013.

 You can contact Neighbourhood Wardens on 03000 26 1000

If you or anyone you know is suffering from ASB, please contact the ASB Team on 03000 26 0000

Police Report October 2012

As usual the police report for Consett is online here.

Number of calls for area:- 274

Number of community related calls:-78

Alcohol seizures: As part of regular patrols alcohol was seized from youths on Genesis way. A full box of lager, cider and a bottle of alcopop was seized

There have been no reported domestic burglaries for this period.

Other burglary: On 21/10/2012 unknown persons have entered Consett Academy north campus through an insecure window and have made an untidy search. They were disturbed by staff and ran off. A football was stolen and confectionery was consumed within the premises.

Anti- social Behaviour and motorcycle incidents:-51

ASB Personal There has been a total of 15 ASB personal incidents. 5 of these incidents relate to Residential addresses. The only incident of note was a group of youth throwing eggs at an address on Palmerston Street. The youth apologised to the occupant and there have been no incidents since.

ASB Nuisance There has been a total of 36 incidents of ASB nuisance. Places which have been identified as repeat locations this period are Shotleyfield View, a Fast food restaurant and the bus station. 2 youths have been interviewed over ASB in the bus station and there have been no further incidents involving them.

There have been 14 recorded incidents of criminal damage for Consett North and East for this period however. Police are appealing for information after up to 50 cars were targeted in one night and vehicle badges were stolen. Cars were targeted in Chapel Drive, Cotherstone Close, Gayle Court, Grassholme Close, Harwood Close, Holwick Close, Ovington Close, Redmire Drive, Seymour Street and Egglestone Drive. The thefts took place overnight between Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th.

The remaining 10 damages relate to the following incidents. 2 vehicle wing mirrors were damaged in Forster Street. Cars were scratched in East Street and also in a supermarket car park. The grill of a car was damaged in Newmarket Street car park and vehicles were also damaged in Salisbury Street where a door was damaged and Robson Street where a window was smashed. A bin was set on fire at the rear of Peacocks.

The final 2 damages relate to paint being sprayed onto property in Park Road Steel Street. Other graffiti was also noted in the area of Gray Street. A male was identified and interviewed for this damage. No further action was taken against the male but there have been no reported incidents since.

There have been 12 reported thefts for the period. 7 of the incidents relate to thefts from retail premises on the town. Police have identified suspects or made arrests for 6 of the incidents. 2 children’s scooters were stolen whilst left in Cobden Street and on Knitsley Lane. There have been 2 separate incidents where phones have been stolen from persons inside pubs within the town. The remaining incident relates to the theft of fuel from a garage. The person was identified for this incident.


Blackhill Police Report

Here are the stats from the Blackhill & Shotley Bridge area:

109 calls of which 23 were community related.

Alcohol seizures 29 cans mixed cider & Lager in Blackhill & Consett Park

No burglaries: 1 attempted break in disturbed by housholder

No bogus callers Off-road motorcycles: 2 in Bridgehill & Cutlers Hall Road area

Criminal damage: inc 2 vehicle damage

Community policing: A trial cold-calling-free zone will be run in Golden Acre.

Consett North Police Report: February

The following information was given at the local PACT meeting.

Number of calls for area:- 235

Number of community related calls:-68

Alcohol seizures:-08

Common areas/Locations:-Officers have been targeting the area of Mcdonalds, Genesis way, Consett Park and as a result have seized large amount of alcohol from youths. Patrols will continue and officers will work with McDonalds with regards to ASB. One male has already been barred from the store.

Dwelling Burglaries:- 00

Burglary (other):-01 Theft from an allotment

Anti- social Behaviour

ASB Personal There have been a total of 9 ASB personal incidents. There are no persons identified as repeat victims and no incidents of concern for the community

ASB Nuisance

There have been 34 incidents of ASB Nuisance. 14 of these incidents relate to private addresses and the remaining 14 calls relate to locations on the town or Commercial premises inc. shops, and pubs. Taylor Street Eggleston Drive Mackays Court and Consett Academy have all been identified as repeat locations.

Criminal Damage14

Common areas/Locations:-There has been 1 person dealt with in relation to a damage caused to a window at the Barn on Station Rd. Unknown persons have caused damage to a windows at Beveridges Florists on Medomsley Rd and also at Matalan. Arrests were made in relation to a damage that was caused to an address in The Avenue. There was damage caused to a window on Taylor Street, but increased patrols have continued as per the current PACT Priority. There were vehicles damaged at the following locations Cobden Street, Grosvenor Terrace, Dacre Gardens and Temple Gardens. The Beat Team are currently also managing incidents of damage and anti social behaviour on Clarendon street. The remaining 3 incidents relate to damage caused in relation to domestic incidents.

All Thefts:-12

Common areas/Locations:-There have been a total of 6 shoplifting reports with 5 of these incidents detected. There have been 2 reported thefts of clothes from a washing line in Gill Street and Roseberry Terrace. The remaining 2 incidents relate to the theft of a bin from Villa Real bungalows and a gas box from Grey Street.

There have been 2 thefts from Motor vehicles. A van had a spare wheel stolen from Palmerston Street and a vehicle was broken into on Medomsley Rd. A can of Shandy bass was stolen

Date of next meeting & date of PACT meeting for area:-

Wednesday the 4th of April 2012 7pm YMCA

Police Report

Reporting period:- 04/01/2011- 31/01/2012

Number of calls for area:-171

Number of community related calls:-42

Alcohol seizures:-NIL

Dwelling Burglaries:-NIL

Burglary (other):- 02

There have been 2 reported Burglary (others) for this period. The first was Unknown person(s) climbed over a 6 foot security fence at the rear of the Focus property which is currently being demolished. Having gained access to the compound the person(s) made several attempts to force open metal shutters on a container and eventually gained access to the administration container. A window measure 2 x 3 foot was broken to facilitate entry and after having gained entry an untidy search was conducted of both rooms. 2 x Dell Laptops and a Theodolite were stolen before the offender(s) made off without being discovered using the same route. The second was during a football match an unknown person has entered the referees changing room in main sports ground at Consett football club. They have removed a wallet from referee’s bag and made off.

Anti- social Behaviour and motorcycle incidents:- 27

Anti Social Behaviour Personal

There have been 08 reported incidents of Personal ASB. There have been no addresses identified as repeat victims for this period. In all cases the caller was complaining about persons known to them. Out of the 8 calls only 3 were from residential addresses in Consett.

Anti Social Behaviour Nuisance.

There have been 19 reported incidents of ASB nuisance. 9 of these incidents relate to commercial premises including pubs and shops. 5 of the incidents relate to ASB in the street which has occurred in the following loations, Albert Road, Belle Vue Fields, Matalan car park Front Street and the bus station. Arrests were made for the incident at the bus station. The remaining 5 calls relate to residential addresses in Consett. 2 of these were children playing with the phone. The remaing 3 were a complaint of youths banging on windows in Constance Street. a search was made by officers but no youths were found. There was complaint of ASB from an address in Saxon Terrace. This is currently being dealt with by the Neighbourhood Police Team. The final complaint was of an unknown person sending unwanted text messages to the caller.

Criminal Damage, thefts of/from motor vehicles/gardens etc:-13

Criminal Damage inc. Vehicle

There have been 4 reported damages for this period the first was in Taylor Street where a person has approached a Vauxhall Corsa and poured engine oil over the paint work and glass causing staining to paint before making off in unknown direction. It is believed this was caused by a person known to the caller. Also unknown persons while walking past willow burn hospice shop on Trafalgar Street have kicked at a sign causing damage to it. The third was a domestic related incident that happened outside the Post Office on Victoria Road where damage was caused to the door of a vehicle. The final damage occurred in Cleadon Street where unknown persons have scratched a vehicle.

Theft of/from Motor Vehicles

There has been 1 reported theft from motor vehicle in this period. This incident occurred at 20:00hrs on the 20th of January. The suspect has approached a locked and secure taxi on Taylor Street and thrown a brick through the drivers’ side window of the vehicle causing the window to smash. The suspect has then stolen the cash float of money stored in a denim bag made off. The suspect was arrested and investigations are continuing.

Theft Other

There have been 8 reported thefts for this period. The first was the theft of a purse from a supermarket. Suspects were identified and the images and information has been distributed to local shops neighbouring forces and retailers against crime. Work is continuing to identify the females. There has also been a phone stolen from a bag inside the same supermarket. There have been 3 reported shopliftings with 2 of the incidents detected. 2 females have been identified for the remaining thefts however are unknown to officers. A rug doctor has been stolen from outside commercial premises on Hartington Street. There has also been lead stolen from a roof in Dacre Gardens. The final theft was a report of a purse stolen from a shop on Medomsley Rd however on further investigation through CCTV it would look like the purse has been lost rather than stolen from the store.

Anything else of note/ up and coming operations:-

Walkabouts to be arranged for Consett North. Agencies to be involved

Positive policing results:-

Police are now working with McDonalds in relation to ASB in the restaurant. 1 banning letter has already been issued to a 15 year old male for ASB

There have been no arrests made this month in relation to public order offences in licensed premises.

Complaints to Police in relation to parking and obstructions have reduced since Civil enforcement have taken over.

Police report – Consett North & East

There was one Alcohol seizure in Front Street. An £80 penalty notice was issued.

No residential burglaries

2 Non residential Burglaries– A whacker plate was stolen from the building site at Spiro Court. A window was smashed at the rear of spice venue on Newmarket St and unknown persons have reached inside and stolen a first aid kit and some cleaning products.

8 Anti Social Behaviour incidents (Personal): One address has been identified as a repeat victim. A visit was carried out at the address in Clarendon St and advice was given to the occupier. There have been no further problems since the advice was given.

Anti Social Behaviour (Nuisance): There have been 33 reported incidents of ASB nuisance, 13 of these were either residential addresses that have called Police or had calls made against them. The only patter has been that a number of these calls relate to complaints of boy racers please see below.

Vehicle Related Nuisance: A number of calls have been received in relation to Hermiston Retail Park and boy racers NPT officers had a meeting at the location on the 24tth of October to discuss the problem with the project manager. Patrols will continue whilst we work towards a solution.

Criminal Damage (inc. Vehicle): 2 of the damages were caused by persons throwing rocks at the windows of Matalan. There has been damage caused to a vehicless roof on Crookhall Road by unknown persons placing a large plant pot on the roof. 3 vehicles have also been scratched causing damage to them on Ashdale Road, Queensgate and Lidl car park. The remaining 3 damages relate to a window on Sherburn Terrace punctured tyres in The Crescent and a person causing damage to a window at a public house, however this damage was paid for by the offender.

There has been a total of 8 thefts for this period. This includes 4 reported thefts from shops with 3 of these incidents detected or in the process of investigation. The remaining theft relates to an unknown male taking a bottle of vodka from Morrisons. There have been 2 reported thefts on Sherburn terrace with iron gates and a pedal cycle taken from separate addresses. A push chair and a dog cage were taken from an address on Crookhall Road. The final theft relates to a known person having taken a TV and stand from an address in Knitsley Gardens.

Other:: One male has been issued with £80 penalty notice for setting off a firework in the street.

August Consett North PACT Report

Sorry this is so late, because the blog was on holiday:

Alcohol seizures:- 1 in Blackhill Park

There have been no reported domestic burglaries for this period.

There has been 1 reported non-domestic burglary for this period relating to persons gaining entry to the bus company offices on Medomsley Rd . Cash was taken and two suspected were identified enquiries continue

There have been 9 reported incidents of Personal Antisocial Behaviour (ASB). One address has been identified as a repeat victim, however this relates to problems between 2 separate parties.

There have been 23 reported incidents of ASB nuisance, 9 of these were either residential addresses that have called Police or had calls made against them. 3 of the incidents relate ASB reports from public houses and the remaining 11 calls Relate to nuisance on the Town centre retail area. There have been no calls to the Bus Station for this period.

There were no reported incidents of vehicle related nuisance.

There have been a total of 4 reported damages for this period. There have been 2 damages to motor vehicles on Sherburn Terrace with a window and tyres damaged. There has also been a vehicle window damaged on Hartington St. We are currently working on setting up a new neighbourhood watch on Hartington St in conjunction with the one Currently running at Sherburn Villa’s. The fourth damage relates to damage caused to the church window on Church St.

There have been no reported thefts of or thefts from vehicles in this period.

There have been 3 other reported thefts for this period. There have been 2 reported shopliftings for this period with 1 arrest made. There has also been a reported theft of lead from the building site on Steel St.

PACT Priority Consett Bus Station
15:00hrs 23:00hrs weekdays

Positive results: In this period we have seen no calls made in relation to the bus station from CCTV or members of the public which has been positive, however there has been damage caused to windows 05/08/2011 so patrols will continue.

There also appears to have been a reduction in Damage from last month especially around the Town Centre. 3 youths were arrested during this period in relation to damage to the Centre Point Building on Berry Edge Rd, and have had conditions placed on them not to enter the Town Centre. One youth has already breached his conditions and was arrested for this. Members of Consett Neighbourhood Police Team will continue to target those who disrupt the lives of others and cause damage to property.

Date of next PACT meeting for area:-

YMCA – Wednesday the 7th of September 2011 – 7pm.