Consett Sports Village

Effective date: November 13th 2007:

Liberal Democrats are completely behind the need for renewed sports facilities in Consett. The Swimming Pool is very close to (if not beyond) the end of its useful life. The Leisure Centre is, at the least, in need of substantial refurbishment. That’s why this debate is so important, and it remains vital that all options, and their costs and potential sources of funding are seriously considered. What it doesn’t mean is that the “Consett Sports Village” plans previously proposed are either right or affordable.

Unfortunately if you are looking for facts on this page you will be disappointed. That’s because your councillors have been gagged by the council’s decision to exclude press and public from the recent debates on this topic.

As leader of the Liberal Democrat group I led the attempt to open the meeting to you and the press. We were supported in this by Independent members.

Sadly, the Labour Group used their majority to exclude you from the meeting and the information by 25 votes to 24.

As a result all you are allowed to know is the mixture of truth and half truth you can read in the press. It seems that’s the way your council prefers it.


Welcome to Owen Temple’s website. As Liberal Democrat councillor for Consett North ward I am committed to keeping you informed about what’s going on locally in the council and on the street.

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 Owen Temple