Last Chance – Shotley Bridge Engagement Sessions

A final series of engagement sessions on the replacement/refurbishment of Shotley Bridge Hospital are taking place. To book in and share your views please email or telephone 0191 389 8609 to give your details and preferred dates.

In addition to these clinical questions everyone can share their thoughts on what boils down to two possible sites; either a refurb of the existing building or a new-build at Puddlers Corner (the open space at the “Morrisons Roundabout”).

If you can’t, or don’t want to, get to one of these sessions you can still complete an online survey at

The hoped for timeline after this is:

April – May 2021 all available options worked out and made into a proposal

Summer 2021 Consultation Events about the options

September 2021 Decision made

2022 Building/refurbishment starts

2024 Project completed and opened

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