Bad News for Consett’s Swimmers

The woes of Consett swimming pool became clearer tonight in a briefing for local councillors.

Nearly a year after the pool closed for the first lockdown, it has been announced that repairs costing between £1 and £1.5 million are required, and these will include the provision of modular stainless steel panels to form a comprehesive new “basin” for the reconstructed pools.

The problems, it is reported, all arise from “shoddy workmanship” in the construction, and have dogged the pool since the Leisure Centre opened in 2015.

The pool was commissioned as part of the Academy and Leisure Centre complex by a partnership between Durham County Council and the government backed partnership “Building Schools for the Future Investments”. Back in 2009 this partnership had selected Carillion to build all Durham’s new schools, and so the Leisure Centre was pre-destined to be built by the ill-fated company.

Less than three years later Carillion had collapsed. That left Consett with a deteriorating pool and a two year hiatus whilst it is resolved. It also left the county council with a conundrum. How do you seek redress from a company which no longer exists? And while you explore what legal avenues may exist, do you leave the people of Consett without swimming facilities?

The only good news I can take away is that we were assured by the cabinet member for regeneration that DCC will foot the bill for these swimming pool repairs up front, whether or not compensation can be gained through legal channels. It won’t be quick, but it will happen.

That’s good news, because if I was a betting man my money would not be on getting any money back.

The council representatives were also very cleat that:

  • The defects arise entirely from faulty workmanship and have nothing to do with the site.
  • They will try to make as much provision as they can for local swimmers through the Louisa Centre Pool.
  • This time the pool will be re-built by a specialist contractor procured exclusively by Durham County Council, and the council is confident that the facilities will be no less good than the ones we believed we were getting back in 2015.

However you look at it, this is a very bad position for our town. We all need a lift as we look forward to the relaxation of lockdown rules, but it isn’t going to come in the form of a re-opened pool. The Leisure Centre will be able to reopen but it will be Spring 2022 before the pool does.

2 thoughts on “Bad News for Consett’s Swimmers

  1. Mr. Malcolm Waters says:

    Absolute disgrace. Where was the building inspectors that have to sign off building work in stages. Obviously NOT doing there job. Or if the inspections were carried out and procedures were adhere to, then it has to be looked at where building on an old rubbish tip was the best and stable site.
    This also begs the question, is the school structurally sound, are the building works carried out by the contractor in other areas safe.

    It’s sad for the people of Consett and surrounding areas and some justices needs to be seen to be done. What a waste of tax payers monies.

  2. David Evans says:

    The key question is who signed off the work Carillion did as being up to standard. That firm could be sued (if DCC had set up a proper contract with them and they are insured) but it would still be a tough case to win. If DCC’s own staff signed if off – heads should roll (political and senior officers)

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