What you’re worth depends on where you live in County Durham

Some people would say that’s a simple truth, and true everywhere in Britain, but I doubt they know just how starkly true it is in Labour run County Durham.

A report to the next cabinet meeting shows just how unevenly the council’s investment money is spent, from a measly £52 per head in Teesdale, to £3,881 in and around Durham.

It makes a mockery of the Labour council’s “Altogether Wealthier” aspirations, and of Keir Starmer’s claim for a Labour Britain, “I want it to be the best it possibly can be, for everyone in every community.”

Here are the figures, taken from this month-s report to cabinet and the 2017 poulation figures for each of the Area Action Partnerships concerned:

AAP AreaPopulationSpend Spend per head
Three Towns Partnership25204£     4,800,000.00 £       190
4 Together17692£     2,600,000.00 £       147
Bishop Auckland and Shildon42760£ 136,000,000.00 £   3,181
Chester le Street54326£   20,000,000.00 £       368
Derwent Valley46526£     6,800,000.00 £       146
Durham68279£ 265,000,000.00 £   3,881
East Durham119356£ 219,000,000.00 £   1,835
Great Aycliffe and Middridge26824£     8,300,000.00 £       682
Mid Durham33710£   38,700,000.00 £   1,148
Spennymoor 21955£   21,000,000.00 £       957
Stanley33734£   10,400,000.00 £       308
Teesdale25017£     1,300,000.00 £         52
Weardale8342£     2,900,000.00 £       348

Figures taken from February 2021 report to Cabinet and Office for National Statistics for population in Durham’s Area Action Partnerships.

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