Press Release on Consett Swimming Pool

Anger rises as Consett Swimming Pool faces longer closure delays

It may be hard for people outside Consett to understand why the people of the town are so concerned about the closure of their swimming pool – after all aren’t all swimming pools closed for a month? – but for the people of Consett a month-long swimming pool closure is nothing. Their pool has been closed since March this year and looks likely to be closed long after March 2021.

Already the project to repair the pool is way behind target. The plan was for a specialist report to be completed by the end of September and procurement of the repairs to start in October. That hasn’t happened. A report has been part-completed, but the results of tests carried out on some of the construction products are not expected until December. Only then will the procurement process even start to be considered, so the original hopes that the pool might re-open in the spring look completely unrealistic.

Meanwhile local people feel they are being kept in the dark, with statements from the council that information cannot be released for legal reasons, and real difficulty in piecing together even the little bit of news they have been able to find out.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Consett, Owen Temple, said “It’s a nightmare. It took me over three weeks to get a response on the simple question of whether or not the specialist report had been completed, and in the meantime I am fielding enquiries from residents who are missing their regular exercise, or in the case of one Mum, seriously concerned about the effects on the mental health of her daughter of being prevented from pursuing her ambition to become a top-flight swimmer.”

“The county council needs to give a much higher priority to resolving this problem. It’s no good exhorting people to ‘stay safe – stay active’ through Covid if the council itself leaves Consett’s pool to drift through it.”

Released on November 4th 2020 I have posted it here so that anyone wanting to know the true position of our swimming pool is kept in the picture.

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