Swimming Pool information black hole

I am pressing Durham County Council for further information on the position of Consett’s Swimming Pool and the broader issue of whether the loss of water from the pool is wreaking further damage on the building as a whole.

After being assured that a specialist report would be completed in September, I have still not been able to find out whether that report has been completed and whether the process of getting tenders for the remedial work has started.

It’s very unsatisfactory. There’s no way the council can give us any indication as to when the pool will be open until contractors have been appointed. I understand that the information the council can give may be limited because of potential legal proceedings in respect of any construction   failures, but whether or not the specialist’s report has been completed can hardly be deemed top-secret.

Meanwhile other councillors and I continue to get a stream of contacts. Many of those are casual swimmers keen to use the pool again, but for me the saddest was an appeal from the mother of a young swimmer who had just reached competitive standards and is now suffering real distress at being halted in their tracks.

I understand that there is a Covid crisis going on, but am deeply frustrated by the sheer lack of information. Simple issues of communication with people should still be possible, and if issues like our swimming pool slip to the back of the queue our recovery from this crisis will be slower than it needs to be.

It’s totally unacceptable that information isn’t leaking out about the swimming pool at anything like the rate of its water.

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