The coning of Consett

Many of us, myself included, were taken by surprise this morning by an array of cones preventing parking in parking bays and loading bays across the town.

Following clarification from County Hall the changes across the county and the reasons for them can be seen here.

I remain concerned that changes in some streets will have a seriously adverse effect on traders. I will therefore be looking to ensure that the measures will be reviewed as councillors have been assured:

“In planning for the return of people to our town centres we have had to assume almost a worst case scenario that large volumes of people would return and therefore our actions, implemented this morning, provided as much additional space as possible, but on a temporary basis.  In the following days, as the demand from the public becomes more established, we will adjust the measures and try to provide a balance between the needs of pedestrians with parking and loading spaces.”

One thought on “The coning of Consett

  1. joyce shaw says:

    Consett has a parking problem…and this is long before lockdown. We have been encouraged to use local traders and Consett town centre needs as much local trading as possible…too many empty shops etc. This ill thought out blocking of local parking has immediately put a blight on any possible trading, as car drivers will just go to big supermarket free parking. I would imagine that blocking disabled access parking is against the law? I’m sure pedestrians can act sensibly when queueing and having to move off the pavement is not the answer. The cones went up secretly, in the night…if the council have second thoughts about this they could secretly remove them and save any embarrassment. These shopkeepers pay big money to the council in taxes and deserve every chance to recover their business.

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