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A Fantastic chance for local young people to widen their horizons

by Owen Temple on 22 February, 2018



Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th April 2018

Creating Culture is a one week residency in County Durham where young people from the UK and Lithuania will come together to meet, create networks, and develop their understanding of culture, human rights, and current issues affecting young people in Europe. Young People will work with leaders, activists, educators and artists using creative methods to explore inclusion, integration and intercultural dialogue.

Ages: 16-24 years

Location: Emmaus Youth Village, Consett, County Durham.

Participants: 60 young individuals: 35 from Lithuania & 25 from North England.

Cost: £50. This cost includes your accommodation, all meals, and two trips.

NB a small number of free places are available for those from low income households in receipt of benefits. Evidence will be required.

The residency will involve 3 main themes/topics

  1. Media literacy and critical thinking

“Deconstructing Media Messages; Creating Counter; Looking Beyond the Frame”

You will gain an introduction to critical thinking and learn to analyse perceptions of issues such as image, relationships, gender, events etc created by the media and advertising. In groups you will create media outputs on topics of your choice.

  1. Tolerance, respect and positive attitude towards others and vulnerable groups of society

You will have a chance to discuss these issues with experts, and create work expressing your own ideas and experiences. You will work together to consider different ways of changing existing situations and moving towards unity and mutual understanding.

  1. Dialogue and expression

Working in smaller groups you will choose a topic and a form of art, and with the help of a professional artists, examine different forms and manifestations of discrimination and create an artistic presentation (e.g. songwriting, film, graffiti, theatre, art, animation, writing, etc)

How to Apply: Request an expression of interest form from: katy@jackdrum.co.uk and return by noon on Thursday 15th March. You will receive confirmation of your place by Monday 19th March.

Questions and more information: You are welcome to contact us at katy@jackdrum.co.uk or via Facebook @JackDrumArts or by phoning 01388 765002 with any questions or concerns.

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