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I will hold the council to account

by Owen Temple on 25 November, 2017

Last week’s Highway Committee decided that you will all be safer with the new speed limits I described in the last post.

I attended the committee to express my concerns, and those of people who I had spoken to, but my arguments fell on deaf ears. Instead they preferred the arguments of council officers who assured them that the new speed limits would result in lower speeds overall.

By 8 – 5 they voted to get rid of the 30 mph signs as you approach Consett on the A692 and replace them with 40 mph signs. There will then be new 30 mph signs on Villa Real Road, Sherburn Terrace, and just before the coast to coast cycle crossing at the entrance to Leadgate.

The decision is to be reviewed in nine months’ time, and in the meantime I will be seeking views on the effects local people are experiencing from these changes.

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  1. Tony roseblade says:

    They can put up as many signs as they like it won’t make a jot of difference until the start monitoring these roads because the loonies that tear around this area will not take any notice of signs
    Mobile cameras is what’s needed

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