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Highways Committee – New speed limits proposed for Consett and Leadgate Gateways

by Owen Temple on 17 November, 2017

Take a look at the two diagrams below where the key element is that the areas coloured green on the second plan represent the new proposals for areas which were formerly 30 mph areas but which will become 40 mph areas.

Plan 1

Plan 2

The central reason for the plan is that people are driving at well above 30 mph on the road into Leadgate because it looks wide and open, and that a 30 mph speed limit on that stretch is unreasonable.

That may be true, but the downside is that the change will make legal the behaviour of those who shoot across Villa Real roundabouts at speeds higher than 30 mph, will increase the speed of traffic which people exiting Villa Real Bungalows and the garage have to contend with, and will probably increase the speeds faced by people exiting Newbell Court, Carr House Mews and Granary Court (we all know that motorists take a little time to slow up after 30 signs, and speed up slightly in advance of higher speed limits).

I will be making these points at the Highways Committee on Monday morning, and would be very pleased for people to let me have their comments before then.


4 Responses

  1. Leigh Dickinson says:

    I feel that they should if anything be reduced to 20 mph in the proposed areas, not increased from 30, as you say there are drives, driving like idiot well above speed limits anyway. They seem not to care how they endanger & increasing the limit will just it worse & someone will get killed! Thank you Owen for raising the point on our behalf

  2. Tony roseblade says:

    Not before time as a resident of carr house mews you have to quick when turning right as the idiots speeding up villa real road and the road to Leadgate has to be curtailed and children from the academy cross these roads particularly this time of year
    Police present now and then would not go amiss I can’t remember the last time I saw one other than flying about in cars

  3. David Swainson says:

    Proposals are ludicrous. One reason against is related to the cycle crossing point which is difficult to cross at the current speed limit.There is no need to change and the current speed limits should be enforced.

  4. keith devanney says:

    Once again a knee jerk reaction to implement more rules instead of enforcing existing rules (limits). 20mph roads create more poison from diesel, as do road bumps. The UK road safety levels are second to Sweden (which is the safest in the world) Speeding kills 400 people per year which is half the number of children who die of cardiac arrest each year and only 1/3rd of children who die of asthma each year. So in this context, it’s not a problem. Slower roads, more poison, more asthma. If it is a tiny minority who cause the problem, tackle that tiny minority, not really rocket science is it

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