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Meeting regarding Faster Fibre links in Consett

by Owen Temple on 5 September, 2017

I don’t normally do adverts, but if Virgin are going to improve communications access in Consett they’ll have my backing.

Here’s the information they sent me:

I am writing to formally invite you to our Community Information Event. You may see our posters up and around your ward so we can inform and invite as many people as possible. The following things will be explained to every person who attends;

1)      How we are passionate about the benefits that better connectivity can bring for local residents, businesses and communities.

2)      How the work may lead to some short-term disruption; however there are long-term gains as your ward plays its part in becoming a truly connected community.

3)      FAQ’s

The reason for this event is so that we can gather resident’s feedback on our proposed network expansion in Consett and to provide further clarity on the areas of your ward which will be impacted by our street works over the coming months.


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  1. keith devanney says:

    Many years ago, Consett was provided with a fibre link from team valley (the cable comes up the bypass). This was part of a vision by DDC who spent millions on comms infrastructure. My understanding was that while this could have meant Consett gaining call centre jobs, the council members rejected the disruption of digging up footpaths. Do you have any more info of this?

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