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Some lights saved on Consett Bypass

by Owen Temple on 12 July, 2017

Readers will know that we keep a careful eye on, and campaign for, some of the local road lights threatened with removal under the Street Light Energy Reduction Pavement.

After representations by a number of people, ourselves included, some lights have been saved on the Consett bypass (Rotary Way) stretch between the Villa Real and Delves Lane roundabouts.

It’s the lights marked with the red crosses marked on the map that will be saved (mostly up to and around the Thomas Swan entrance)which have been reprieved, whilst the red dots will be removed.

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  1. Christopher Ord says:

    This is financial lunacy. It will be costing the council alot money to remove the 12 lights and dispose of them in the first instance. How long will it be before they actually start saving money in real terms?

    They would have been better off switching the lights off from 1130-0530

    I’ve heard the lights between Dipton and The Jolly Drovers are also for the chop.

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