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New Teaching Assistant proposals on the table

by Owen Temple on 19 June, 2017

The latest offer from the council to Durham’s TAs is to be put to the council meeting on Wednesday.

Most unsatisfactorily the report is extremely last minute (issued tonight for a Meeting at 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday) and still short on precise detail, but at least it does two things I and my party have been calling for:

  1. Unconditionally withdraw the dismissal notices issued to hundreds of Teaching Assistants in October 2016
  2. Increase to two years the protection for all teaching assistants who will lose income under the new proposals

We are also told that the new arrangement, rather than reducing Teaching Assistants combined pay packets by £4 million will be close to cost neutral, though readers of the whole report (which you can find here ) will see that there are very significant reductions for some staff, and very significant increases for others. That’s to say over 300 staff will see increases in pay of 10% or more by September 2019, and 27 will see reductions of 10% or more, with one person losing 20%.

There’s also an element of smoke and mirrors to this, because the figures are projected forwards two years, by which time a 2% increase in pay is expected to have arisen in terms of annual pay awards.

Our understanding is that Unison will ballot it’s members, so the final say will rest with them.


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