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How can you Help?

by Owen Temple on 22 May, 2017

Elections are bruising. As a candidate, they lift you up and they can dump you just as fast.

Today’s been a good day with a previously unknown supporter driving to Consett to pick up some posters – fired up to support a political party for the first time. No sooner had he left than the phone rang with someone just ringing to apologise because illness had prevented them from getting out to vote in the council elections just gone.

You never know how much goodwill there is out there.

So just to test it, how many readers would be happy to put out a 100 or so leaflets for candidate Owen Temple in the next week or two? Or put up a poster? It’s in the cause of getting a genuinely local candidate (remember Owen was the only one living in the constituency a month ago) elected  to fight for local people. It’s also a chance to back a candidate for the only major party which is promising to give the British People a chance to decide on whether the Brexit they get offered is the Brexit they voted on last July. And yes, I will be asking you to pay for for the privilege because our policy is for everyone who is a taxpayer to pay just a little more (a penny on the rate of income tax) to enable the properly funded NHS we all want to see.

So if that sounds good to you, contact me through this website and I’ll arrange for you to get some leaflets, or a poster, or anything else you’re willing to do to help get the MP you really want.

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