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Proud to be North West Durham’s most local candidate

by Owen Temple on 12 May, 2017

The nominations are in for North West Durham, and in one area at least I claim an advantage. I am resident in North West Durham, and have been for many years.

North West Durham, however, is clearly a powerful magnet. It still has the capacity to attract Conservatives from the deep South who seek to cut their political teeth here as Teresa May once did. Hastings is so far South it’s what William the Conqueror found when he crossed the Channel!

The rest of the field comes from closer “foreign parts”, UKIP from Bishop Auckland, Green from Durham, and the Labour candidate has just arrived from Northumberland (at least that’s what I gather from her nomination papers for the Northumberland County Council election a week ago, which listed a Northumberland address).

Local knowledge isn’t everything, of course, and party allegiances will quite understandably drive the decisions of many voters. But I hope that when people come to vote they’ll also weigh in the balance a love of, and commitment to, the people who live here and who will elect the next MP. What will do none of us any good is an MP who cares more about their party than the people they are elected to represent.

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