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Up and Running for North West Durham

by Owen Temple on 9 May, 2017

This morning I handed in my nomination papers, paid the deposit, and believe I was the first completed nomination for North West Durham constituency. Let battle commence.

I’m very proud that my local party wanted me to run again. Their faith in me is heart-warming.

So is their belief that there is still a place for a genuinely local MP. One who has worked in an ordinary job amongst their neighbours, watched their children grow and blossom at the comprehensive school down the road, and built their networks of friends and acquaintances amongst the very people they want to represent.

If elected I’ll be a far cry from the Westminster bubble of sharp suits, endlessly repeated soundbites that the gurus have promised will swing empty-headed voters, and ideologically driven lobby-fodder. I’ll do my best to represent ordinary people, the same people I live among, whether it’s voting on major national decisions or just rattling the cage for someone whom the system has let down.

And yes, I’m more than just the local candidate. I’m a Liberal Democrat by conviction, the same conviction that led me to join the SDP in 1981; the conviction that this country needs politics with a social conscience, but without an outdated addiction to class warfare.

I’ve learned my craft at the sharp end, at Durham County Council. I’ll stand and fight when a fight is all that is left. I’ll try every which way to avoid one, though, if there’s a way to achieve the goal without going head to head. And I’ll strain every sinew to make North West Durham an even better place to live, work and die in.

Let the voters decide.

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  1. john bailey says:

    good luck owen i hope they get hammered

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