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History offers more hope than despair

by Owen Temple on 23 December, 2016

In a world which many people think is going to the dogs, I found the following graph really helpful:


If it encourages you too, you might be interested in the source of it: A history of global living conditions in five charts. It contains a lot of very interesting detail as well as convincing arguments as to why we really need to know the facts.

So as we move towards the challenges of 2017, I can think of no better starting place than celebrating the advances our wold has made in the last 200 years.

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  1. keith devanney says:

    Your blog really motivated to know the facts so I thought I’d look at the UK data. After all, its where people reading this will be from. It is a very depressing state of affairs, so I’ll present just a snap-shot. These are the Governments own published data for 2016.
    1 in every 4 children in the UK lives in poverty
    10,900,000 people in the UK are identified as poor
    2,200,000 pensioners live in poverty
    In summary, the UK has the highest proportion of people living in poverty than ALMOST every other EU nation state.

    The UK has the highest levels of young adult illiteracy and numeracy IN THE WORLD.

    58% OF WOMEN AND 65% OF MEN are obese with 1 in 5 children under 6 and 1 in 3 over 6 being obese.

    So instead of the liberal elite telling the population “we have never had it so good”, why don’t we begin fixing the problems at home before we give billions in tax to make everyone else better!!

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