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You are the eyes and ears of the community

by Owen Temple on 27 February, 2016

An email from a local resident alerted me to the cutting down of trees between Bramwell Terrace and the allotments to the rear. It’s quite a secluded spot and as such it would be easy for County Hall never to hear of it.

Bramwell Tce 2

At present I don’t know whether County Hall was already aware of it and whether all the correct protocols are in place for the protection of the environment. I don’t know whether those protocols are adequate. I don’t know whether our officers will react with speed and vigour if this is unauthorised. That’s all to be discovered. But the incident still reminds me yet again of how important it is that local people feel connected to the democratic system whose purpose is to put them in control of the powers that be.

Fortunately, important though this particular matter is, it’s nothing like the seriousness of what the media has been full of in the last few days – blind eyes turned to child abuse at Rotherham and the BBC – but the principle is the same. The corrosive effects of cynicism, the paralysis of embarrassment at being thought stupid, lethargy, all work to undermine our contribution to society, and with it society itself.

So a big thank you to all those of you who keep in touch. You are the eyes and ears of our community.

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