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Groundhog Day

by Owen Temple on 25 February, 2013

With not a Consett councillor in sight (barring me) the Belle Vue Village Green application was rejected today by the Highways Committee.

It surprises no-one. The county officers and the same inspector who recommended its refusal in 2011 ran the same arguments again (barring the 1964 deed which they no longer dare trot out after the High Court ruling), and the committee duly voted the same way as last time. There were no surprises (other than the impressive array of substitutes who appeared on the Labour benches) and the score-line at 12-4 was as predictable as yesterday’s Capital One Cup result.

If the title of this piece is right, and this really is Groundhog Day, this will not prove to be the end of the Village Green application. Time will tell, the legal position will be checked, and the sad truth is that Groundhog Day is good for no-one.