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Police report

by Owen Temple on 15 February, 2013

This is the report given to the recent PACT meeting.


Beat Area:-  Consett Town Centre

Reporting period:-  02/01/2013 – 05/12/2013

Information regarding incidents/crimes in the area.

Alcohol seizures:-01.

Locations:-Consett Park

Dwelling Burglaries:- 03

 There have been 3 reported burglaries for this period. 2 of the incidents are related to unknown persons entering 2 bedsits through an insecure door in Forster Street. The 3 incident relates to unknown persons entering an address on Roseberry Terrace through an insecure door. Any information regarding the above incidents please contact Police on 101.

Crime prevention advice:-  make sure that you check that all doors and windows are secured before leaving the address or going to bed.

Burglary (other):-01 the whole of the Consett area:-

The above burglary other relates to a theft from the old Morrisons Supermarket

ASB Personal: There has been a total of 09 ASB personal incidents. An address in Palmerston Street has been identified as a repeat address for this period, however this is a dispute between residents.

ASB Nuisance: There has been a total of 38 incidents of ASB nuisance. 24 of the incidents relate to commercial premises of information about an incident taking place on the street. 3 of these incidents relate to the bus station, 2 are reported incidents from a takeaway unit and 4 relate to Hermiston Retail Park. 3 of the incidents were reported by Taxi companies as part of the operation. The remaining 14 of the incidents relate to residential addresses.

Criminal Damage 04

There have been 4 reported damages for this period. The first incident relates to damage to a windscreen in Aldi car park and there was a suspect for this incident. There were windows damaged to the church on Parliament Street. This incident occurred over the period of snow and it is believed youths were responsible. The remaining 2 incidents relate to a damaged vehicle tyre on Clarendon Street and a scratched vehicle on Victoria Road.

All Thefts:– 04

There have been 04 reported thefts for the period. 2 of the thefts relate to shoplifting offences. Suspects were arrested and dealt with for both of theseoffences. The 3rd incident relates to theft of children’s sledges from a garden in Aynsley Mews. The remaining theft is a report of personal items being taken from a workplace.

Current Community Operations:

Operation Cortino relating to taxis assisting with reporting incidents continues and an update will be provided soon.

Positive policing results:-

Operation Hartland ran for approx. 6 weeks from the middle of November until the end of December and was a great success with 6 incidents reported and thefts in the town centre down on previous years and of those that were reported all 6 were detected. Incidents of anti social behaviour and licensing issues were also low during the operation.

Snow Angels assisted vulnerable residents in the town centre and several other areas by clearing paths and access roads of large accumulations of snow, this was greatly received by residents and the media alike.  Neighbourhood Police worked along with local volunteers, the Council, Derwentside CVS and some volunteers from Hassockfield Detention Centre.

Incident at Belle Vue Leisure Centre – Incident occurred in the changing rooms, the victim is recovering in hospital and the suspect who was arrested at the scene has been charged and remanded in custody.  This was an isolated incident and the swift intervention of staff at the leisure centre saved the victim from further harm and assisted police in arresting the male responsible for the attack.

As part of a new initiative/project Taxis in the town centre have been using the apex radio system via Genesis Control, effectively becoming extra “eyes and ears” on the street and this has proved successful in reporting incidents as they are happening, particularly during the busy “night time economy” times.

PACT – issues are still on going at Stanley Street though instances are reduced, the bad weather has seen an increase in parents trying to get as close as possible to the school gates. 

ASB – ring leaders/regular offenders have been targeted over the last few months.  Several youths have attended the Police Station with their parents for discussions and 3 have been interviewed with regards trespass of the bus station.

Date of next meeting &? date of PACT meeting for area:-

Wednesday 6th of March 2013 7pm YMCA


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