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Red Velvet surrenders lap dancing licence

by Owen Temple on 22 January, 2013

Most of Consett may have it’s mind more on the chore of coping with the heavy snowfalls we have suffered than with the ins and outs of the Red Velvet saga, but will still be interested to know that the club which recently had its licence to sell alcohol withdrawn has “voluntarily” surrendered its licence.

I say voluntarily, but it was almost certainly a case of jumping before it was pushed – and a tactical move to save it from being caught by the rules that would have prevented it from reapplying for twelve months had the licence been revoked. There was also little future for the club as a Sex Entertainment Venue (the official title) without a drinks licence.

Not many people will mourn its passing. Some will rejoice. My own preference would have been for it to wither through lack of demand.

What is clear, however, is that a club run so badly that it has had to dismiss its manager, has had dancers cautioned by the police and other associates allegedly facing continuing criminal investigation, will find it tough going to satisfy the licensing committee of its suitability any time in the near future. That’s as it should be because the prevention of crime and disorder is a fundamental objective of licensing law.


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  1. andy plant says:

    why do my eyes insist on reading this as “Red Velvet SUSPENDERS lap dancing licence? Not a joking matter, but hope we are allowed a smile.

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