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At the speed of light

by Owen Temple on 18 January, 2013

In County Durham “imminently” means a bit more that a month.

It’s over a month since I pointed out to the county council that planning regulations required it, before submitting its new Academy application, to complete the right paperwork to remove the planning condition it had placed on itself in 2010 to keep its fencing within a boundary that would leave a significant area of open space for local people. I was told the paperwork was expected “imminently”. Imminently happened today.

Readers may want to read that application which can be found here. I hope they are more successful than me. I tried to open the documents but haven’t been able to.


So it seems that the decision not to take the planning application forward to Planning Committee early in February was nothing to do with the delay in getting the final Village Green Report – rather it was the result of the county failing to conform with regulations. Let’s hope that certain councillors don’t try to blame it on anyone else.

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