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Belle Vue Academy/Leisure Centre Planning Application goes online

by Owen Temple on 3 December, 2012

The County Council’s Planning Application for the Belle Vue site has gone online and can be read in full by clicking here. You should note that this planning application does not mean that the Village Green application has been finally settled. It hasn’t. To the best of my knowledge the county council and Green Spaces submissions are still with the inspector for consideration and advice on his recommended outcome.

The planning application will repay careful study, and local people with issues such as the siting  of the skate park, traffic assessment, bats, coal mining, drainage are well advised to consider it carefully and respond as well as those whose primary concern is the actual provision of educational and leisure facilities.

And don’t delay. Only the greatest of cynics would read anything into the fact that the site notices are due to be posted tomorrow with an expiry date of – yes you’ve guessed it – December 25th! I wouldn’t over rely on your responses being carefully read by the skeleton staff on duty on the morning of Christmas Eve, or between Christmas and New Year, so that gives you a little under three weeks to respond, less if concerned about the Christmas post.

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  1. andy plant says:

    It seems to me that there has been little or no attempt to get the views and input of the current users of the skate park. They are not an organised or “linked in” group, but they are their own community and part of the wider community and we need to ensure their voice is at least expressed so people making decisions have heard fairly from all sides. If it was a bowls club we would be seeing articulate expressions of their views in these documents, and hearing about them lobbying local politicians
    You’re quite right Andy. It’s almost a year since I met with the skateboard park users ( see http://owentemple.mycouncillor.org.uk/2011/11/11/skate-park-conflab/ ) who at the time were working with the STEPS Youth Project. That didn’t get very far, except to get a written commitment to maintaining the skateboarding (and bike and scotter) facilities. We should indeed engage with them again, but they were pretty clear when we did meet that they wanted the facility close to where it was as being well lit, open in aspect but not too close to houses. I’ll see what I can do. Owen

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