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Do those Brussels Sprout scones taste good?

by Owen Temple on 1 December, 2012

Why not try a Brussel Sprout scone?

That was the question at Mobile Maddisons Christmas stall, a stall where they told me the Bovril actually froze at last night’s festivities! It’s no wonder Santa had decided on a grotto built into an empty shop in the Derwents centre, and he certainly had plenty of happy, and slightly warmer takers.

I know it was the real Santa, but I was slightly surprised when he told the children that I wasn’t much of a photographer, but was a much better teacher.

And finally, the answer to that burning issue of the day. Did those Bruseel Sprout scones taste good. You bet they did.

And I brought some home with me.

Come back for more hard-hitting political comment tomorrow!

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