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What would be left of the fields at Belle Vue?

by Owen Temple on 24 November, 2012

We’re all waiting for the report of Edwin Simpson, the barrister reviewing the Village Green Application for Belle Vue, and there’s no date fixed by which he will come back with his new findings following the High Court judgement.

In the meantime I thought readers might like to see what would be left open to the general public at Belle Vue if the council’s current plans go ahead.

It was one of the more extraordinary claims made by a council officer at a recent meeting that there would be “more open space” at Belle Vue if the Sports Centre and Academy are built there than there is at present. When I pursued this with him, it turned out that this referred to “open space behind fences” rather than what I think of as open space which is space people can access freely. So, just in case you’re in any doubt what will be be left outside the fence, here’s a diagram to give you the right perspective on what would be left of the fields at Belle Vue.

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  1. David Pyke says:

    Ample room for dog s****

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