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Unemployment figures

by Owen Temple on 15 November, 2012

The latest figures on unemployment and worklessness in County Durham have been released by the council, and will be available on the county website from tomorrow.

They are broken down into two groups. The first group, the proportion of the total working age population who are claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance, is defined as “Claimant Count”. The second group, the proportion of the total working age population who are receiving Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefit/Severe Disablement Allowance, and Employment & Support Allowance, is defined as “Worklessness”.

In terms of our own local area the “Claimant Count” is 3.9% averaged across the sexes, the “Worklessness” figure 12.5%.

Statistics are cold things, and can be used and misused fro a variety of purposes, by the most chilling aspect of the figures provided is the extent to which both the claimant count and the worklessness proportion in the Derwent Valley Partnership area have risen since last year. The increase in our worklessness proportion over that period seems to have risen more sharply than anywhere else in the county, and I’ll be seeking to understand that better, and the reasons behind it.

There’s also a lot of very detailed information on all areas at the Office for National Statistics website.


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  1. andy plant says:

    And the picture in terms of long term unemployed and young unemployed in this area is a disater for everyone involved. But two and a half years into this Lib Dem/Tory government the economy is looking to get worse in terms of growth and inflation is getting worse, cuts in services are still in their early stages, we have food banks for people in Consett because under your government they cannot feed themselves…and benefits are about to be cut MORE. And on top of that we have had the shambles of a police and crime election forced on people of Consett by the Lib Dem/Tory coalition.
    How depressingly tribal, Andy. I guess you really do believe that if Labour were returned to Westminster we would return to the halcyon days of April 2010 when all was well with the world and the nation felt confident in its political leaders. Owen

  2. andy plant says:

    Sadly, because there is a fight in our national politics between those on the left who believe we are better off with an active government trying to change things for the better and those on the right who believe we are better off with government keeping out of things there has to be some level of tribalism. What I do believe is that this country would be better off with a coalition of the left with as postiive agenda for growth within a sensisble term of deficit reduction, and a belief in social welfare, a modern education, working to make a democratic Europe whose aim is making people better off and safer. I’m willing to accept a share in blame for that coalition not having been created, but would like to know that that is what the left wing Liberal party of David Steel and Paddy Ashdown is still interested in trying to build.
    Coalitions are fundamentally difficult, and I guess every party would prefer to be in sole charge because none of us would join one party whilst believing that a different one was preferable. Within that context, yes I and most of my Liberal Democrat colleagues (There has been no meaningful separate Liberal Party for more than two decades) share all the values in your list, and probably some others like a reduction in our defence costs to something closer to most of Europe in order to free up funds for rebuilding infrastructure assets, a genuinely progressive taxation system in which capital growth is taxed at least as effectively as income, and a local government system which raises it’s own income and then chooses how to spend it, rather than the current system in which central government taxes us, apportions the money, and then calls all the shots.Owen

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