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Artist’s impression or artistic licence?

by Owen Temple on 11 November, 2012

Gateshead’s “Get Carter” car park is to rise from the rubble, according to hr BBC.

I think I’ll reserve judgement rather than anticipate the blue skies, wide tree-filled pavement and lightly clad inhabitants of Gateshead’s future. And I’ve been racking my brains to think where I last saw an “atrist’s impression” like this …….

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  1. andy plant says:

    not turning into a cynic in middle age are you Owen? The lightly clad inhabitants will be there…and I hope the sculpture of the native american face will be…but how can you have Gateshead High Street without any pubs? And the road seems to have got rather wide and there are no street lights or litter bins…and I bet they have decided we can not have public toilets anymore
    You’re very kind Andy – about the middle age rather than the cynicism. Owen

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