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Lest we forget

by Owen Temple on 9 November, 2012

Consett’s biggest public event each year, and a growing one, is the Remembrance Day Parade. It takes place on Sunday, starting from Christchurch at around 10.40 for the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial at 11.00. It’s always a moving occasion, involving both young members of the armed forces, and veterans from previous conflicts as well as many, many local people remembering loved ones and friends who have served their country.

It will be particularly poignant this year with the recent death of Lieutenant Edward Drummond-Baxter, the Consett soldier killed whilst serving in Afghanistan.

This morning I was reminded again of the huge sacrifices made by so many in the cause of freedom as I stood in front of the memorial boards at County Hall, commemorating almost 200 members of county council staff who died in the  two World Wars of the last century. Mine is an immensely fortunate generation, the first in a century to escape such slaughter, which only emphasises the respect we owe to that much smaller number who have borne the burden of carrying arms on behalf of us all since 1945.

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