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Ten bob a year

by Owen Temple on 13 March, 2012

Or 50p to younger readers. That’s what Medomsley Parish Council agreed to pay the Consett Industrial and Provident Society each year to lease the allotments in Bramwell Terrace to the rear of Villa Real Road.

The agreement was made in 1920, getting on for a hundred years ago, and was only designed to run for seven years. And from what I have come to understand it’s the same agreement that governs it today – though Medomsley Parish Council has long since been merged out of existence and its eventual successor is Durham County Council, and as far as I know Consett Industrial and Provident Society exists only for those who raise their eyes to the brickwork in Newmarket Street.

So the burning question now is, is Durham County still paying the ten bob? And if so, to whom?

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to get involved in this sort of matter when I offered myself ¬†for election as a county councillor. Nor is it top of my list of jobs – but it is a real privilege to get to know more and more about my adopted home town, and to stumble across these oddities.

Ten bob for the thoughts of anyone who’d like to share their knowledge of either Medomsley Parish Council or the Consett Industrial & Provident Society Ltd.

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