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Happy New Year

by Owen Temple on 11 January, 2011

OK, I know it’s a bit late but between Christmas and then escaping for a week at the start of the year I’m only just getting back into the swim.

As we start 2011 many of the same issue overhang us as in Consett have done for the last eighteen months, with only the precise amount that there is (and is not) towards the Academy clarified; Academy, Sports Centre, Council presence in the town, the Masterplan all continue to be issues in the medium to long term. Other issues have been with us even longer like car-parking, job opportunities, housing (especially for the young).

Now I’m back in the seat I will resume normal service of trying to let you know what’s going on. I was particularly touched that my blogging black-hole provoked one enquiry into my health, and a real sense of loss of their “most consistent source of information”. Thank you, too, to those readers who used the email link to send me queries and issues as they arose.

All the best for 2011.

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