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Pre-Christmas Quiz – The answers

by Owen Temple on 1 December, 2010

Two readers correctly identified the coat of arms as that of Consett Urban District Council. One also correctly identified the figure as that of St Ebba.

For those of you interested in what you never thought you wanted to know, here it is.

Consett Urban District Council Armorial Bearings

Granted by Letters Patent dated 17th September 1955



Argent a representation of ST. EBBA proper supporting with the sinister hand a PASTORAL STAFF Or between in chief TWO SWORDS in saltire also proper hilts and pommels Gold and in base a MINER’S LAMP likewise proper two FLAUNCHES SABLE each charged with a FURNACE fired also proper and for the Crest issuant from a MURAL CROWN flames enveloping a SWORD proper hilt and pommel Or MANTLED SABLE doubled Argent.


Consett urban area is split by an old Roman road named Dere Street (along part of its length it is known as Watling Street), and where the road leaves the district is the site of a Roman camp known as Vindomora. This later became known as Ebchester, named after the camp and the church – that is St. Ebba’s Church.
The crossed swords mark the settling of German swordmakers and the making of what are still considered some of the best of their type – Shotley Swords.
The sword in the crest speaks of Consett steel, a sword being used because it is heraldic and because sword steel is the finest of its kind.
The black flaunches and the miner’s lamp, speak of steel.

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