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Below is the text of a message I have sent to Mr Osborne, following a newspaper report that he is to “sit down” with the political establishment in Durham to talk through the Durham County Plan which was deeply criticised by an independent examiner. What Consett doesn’t need is Simon Henig and Sir John Hall bending […]

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by Owen Temple on February 25, 2015

Only 204 days to go

by Owen Temple on February 21, 2015

Politicos know I can’t be talking about the General Election which is just 75 days away. So do I really have another life? This morning I went for my first run of the year, a year in which I have promised myself that I will do the Great North Run again. I have plans in […]

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The County Plan that isn’t a County Plan

by Owen Temple on February 19, 2015

Lib Dems in Consett said it, and now the government appointed inspector says it about the County Durham Plan, the Labour run County Council’s flagship policy. It’s not a plan for County Durham, it’s a plan obsessed with Durham City. The inspector couldn’t be clearer. the County Durham Plan must examine a different spatial strategy alongside a […]

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Tory candidate should come clean on where she lives

by Owen Temple on February 17, 2015

I received a copy of the Conservatives pre-election leaflet claiming to introduce your “local candidate” for the North West Durham Constituency. “Charlotte ….. of Shotley Bridge” it claims. Coyly it mentions that she is a councillor in a unitary authority. It doesn’t say which one. In fact it’s Wokingham in Berkshire, 285 miles from Willington […]

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Funding information drop-in at Glenroyd House Consett

by Owen Temple on February 11, 2015

Funding of up to £5,000 may be available for Voluntary and Community Groups in the area. If you would like to talk to CDCF about funding available both for groups and individuals, and the application process involved, there will be a drop-in funding session at GLENROYD HOUSE, CONSETT on THURSDAY 12th MARCH 2015  between 10:00am – 2.00pm. For more information e-mail jackie@cdcf.org.uk […]

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Get Help to make your home safer

by Owen Temple on February 6, 2015

Get your books out early before Consett Library refurb

by Owen Temple on February 4, 2015

Refurbishment work at Consett’s  library will see it closed for two weeks. The closure will be from 12.30pm on Saturday 7th March with the library reopening at 9.30am on Monday 23rd March. The work involves replacing the carpet in the main library area, the computer area and the upstairs junior library. New furniture will be fitted in […]

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Black Hole in Consett

by Owen Temple on February 3, 2015

There’s no wonder that people in Consett are angry about the pitch black route from Consett to The Grove. It’s a walk to school route, it’s a cycle-way, and it’s the way that a good many people from The Grove travel to shop and follow leisure pursuits in Consett. What’s particularly galling is that, as […]

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Lights Out

by Owen Temple on

There are proposals for more lights to be removed in this area as part of the Street Lighting Energy Reduction Project approved by Cabinet. Here’s a list. I’m not averse to some reductions – though I continue to protest the removal of lights on the busy pedestrian route from Consett to the Grove – but […]

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