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Not giving up

by Owen Temple on May 23, 2015

Councillors Dereks Hicks, Alex Watson and I met together with John Hinds of the Grove Residents Association and a lighting expert, Steve Fullerton, to consider alternative solutions now that the council has removed the lampposts on the A692 between Consett and the Grove. We’re bitterly disappointed that the council has rejected our reasoned arguments, arguments […]

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No way to run a council

by Owen Temple on May 21, 2015

At yesterday’s full council meeting Labour councillors voted, whenever the law allows it, to give work to its internal Direct Services Works Department and other internal departments which offer services for sale, even if it the work could be better done by a local business at a lower price. This is newly written into the […]

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Thank you Consett – now come and join us

by Owen Temple on May 9, 2015

That’s 3,894 people in North West Durham who voted for a better way of doing politics, and are disappointed to see England & Wales back in the grip of two party politics, whilst Scotland distances itself into isolation. We know from our analysis that many of those votes came from close to home in Consett, and we’re […]

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Lib Dem Election win in Consett

by Owen Temple on May 6, 2015

Consett Academy students voted their Lib Dem candidate, Jak, as winner in the school’s mock election. Congratulations to class 12:1 on a great campaign. Now all Owen needs is to replicate their success.

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Willowburn Shop opens in John Street, Consett

by Owen Temple on May 5, 2015

Sue Sweeney of radio Newcastle did the honours today in cutting the ribbon for the official opening of Willowburn’s new shop which is just round the corner from the Post Office. Unlike the previous shop, this is much more than just a bookshop, with a range of clothing, vintage items and much more as well as […]

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Vote for someone without a vote! #Voom

by Owen Temple on May 2, 2015

When out campaigning I bumped into a French lady, Nathalie, who lives in Bridgehill and has done for 17 years. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a vote in the General Election because she’s a French National, but, not one to miss a trick, she asked for my vote for her business idea in Richard Branson’s “Pitch […]

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I have been horrified to find that Labour controlled Durham County Council has left empty a 5,250 square foot unit which it is leasing at a rental of £62,760 a year until 2019. The building was vacated by the Youth Offending Team in February 2014 and has since lain idle, with the meter still running for the […]

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Want a poster?

by Owen Temple on April 21, 2015

I know it’s old fashioned in the age of the internet, but window posters remain a positive way of expressing support for the party or candidate of your choice. It’s also a very strong message. Anyone putting a poster in their window signals a much higher level of commitment than the average. Of course there […]

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There will be five candidates in North West Durham: Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP. The details are below and full details can be found here.

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What have the Lib Dems ever done for us?

by Owen Temple on April 6, 2015