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End of term report

by Owen Temple on 22 March, 2017

It felt like the end of term at today’s final council meeting of this four year electoral cycle. It started off in jovial mood, with jokes cracked and some councillors taking selfies, but soon we moved into “questions from AAPs”. This is where a council officer from one of the area action partnerships reads out a […]

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I wasn’t able to jot down everything the council leader said in a surprise announcement as part of his report to full council, but I definitely did get the down following fragments. Speaking about the Teaching Assistants’ dispute he said that the council is “extremely close to confirming new grading proposals which will represent a sea […]

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New Gagging imposed in Teaching Assistant Dispute

by Owen Temple on 14 March, 2017

Liberal Democrat Press Release Gagged Again Liberal Democrats are furious that a legitimate motion to council, calling for the sacking of Teaching Assistants to be scrapped rather than just suspended, has been removed from the next council meeting agenda on the instructions of the council’s chief legal officer. In what he perceives as a thinly […]

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The Derwent Valley Partnership has published the following information. Following the consultation event held on Tuesday 7th March at Consett Library outlining new proposals for Middle Street, Consett, please see the proposed design ideas attached for your information. These drawings can also be found by visitinghttp://theyellowroomatfairhurst.tumblr.com/post/158187428410/further-consultation-for-middle-street-fairhurst Residents, local representatives and businesses can comment and submit […]

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One or two cheers

by Owen Temple on 7 March, 2017

I spent most of this morning at the anaerobic digester plant beside Swans. I was there with local resident, Colin Kingshott, my fellow councillor  for Consett North, Alex Watson, the MP’s senior caseworker, Environmental Health and Public Health from the council, a representative of the Environment Agency, management of the plant and Harry Swan, MD of Thomas […]

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2nd Consultation Event on Consett Town Centre

by Owen Temple on 5 March, 2017

Please try to get to this second “drop-in” event on possible improvements to the physical arrangements in Consett’s town centre. You can do your homework on what is being suggested by visiting the consultants’ site here to see the three options they are suggesting. I don’t think this is a second Masterplan ( you can download and […]

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Small impacts Part 2

by Owen Temple on 4 March, 2017

Some readers will remember my first small impacts  story of  a small victory in a larger defeat. Whilst failing to keep mental health beds for people with very severe dementia in Durham, rather than have care for all such sufferers moved many miles away to Bishop Auckland, the scrutiny committee (with me at my vocal best) […]

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Shotley Bridge – A disappointment and a correction

by Owen Temple on 27 February, 2017

I have just received the following statement from the NHS. I am bitterly disappointed because it is not what I understood or reported, although the commitment to re-open is re-stated: Date: 24 February 2017 Stakeholder Briefing – Shotley Bridge Community Hospital  Over the course of the last few months, we have shared with you information […]

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Tip of the day

by Owen Temple on 24 February, 2017

Apparently this poster is effective if you want to keep Labour canvassers from your doorstep.

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Singing in the rain

by Owen Temple on 23 February, 2017

All this week Durham’s TAs have been keeping a silent vigil outside County Hall. Just one or two of them most of the time, a few more today. When I left there was a small group standing in the sleet, still smiling, and still waving to the cars that sounded their horns as they drove […]

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